Chemet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. supplies Insecticide Powder, Insecticide Granules, Herbicides and Crop Protection Powder. Agrochemical manufacturer from India offers widest range of pesticides & plant protection chemicals including Fungicides, Herbicides, Seed Dressers, Public Health & Household Insecticides, Bio-Herbal Plant Growth Hormones from Chemet Chemicals.
Insecticide Powder Supplier offers Public Health Fomulations, Sulphur Base Formulations for Plant Growth by Chemet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. Provider of technical Grade Pesticide, Crop Protection Powder, Liquid Insecticide by Chemet Chemicals Pvt. Ltd.


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Crop Protection, Agrochemical Formulation Suspen Concentrate In Water Base Formulation

Insecticides formulation in liquid/EC/SC, insecticides
formulation in powder /WP/DP/SP, insecticide formulation in granule, fungicides in powder /WP /SC /EC, herbicide formulation in liquid/EC/SC, herbicide formulation in powder /WP/DP, herbicide formulation in granule, plant growth regulator /hormones /natural extracts

Race, Bystin Flow, Greensulf, N-Dona, N-othrine, Mancozeb SC, Ziram SC, Chemtaf SC, Novell, N-Force
Public Health Formulation (liquid/EC/SC)

Technical Grade Pesticides

Public health formulation in powder /WP/DP,
public health formulation in granules
Alphacypermethrin technical, Cyper methrin technical, Fenv alrate technical, Dimetheote technical, Malathion technical, Acephate technical, Ethion technical, Chloropyriphos technical, Thiram technical, Copper oxy chloride technical, Carbendazim technical, Metalaxyl technical, Ziram technical
Sulfur Base Formulation Developing Chemicals Defining Chemicals
Sulfox WG, Chemsulf, Seven Star 85 WP, Green Sulf.
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